What We Do

We believe in helping people to help themselves – whether that’s through making new connections, finding local services, increasing confidence through volunteering, or getting involved in their local community.


Over 100,000 organisations use our digital platforms to help deliver services such as;


What makes us different is that we don’t just provide you with the digital tools – we offer a holistic package of support covering all aspects of your service that is tailored to you.

Simply Connect Solutions - Social Prescribing

+ We offer ready-made solutions

Our digital solutions are used everyday by more than 100,000 organisations to support the delivery of community services, case management, volunteer management, and social prescribing. Our ready-made packages are available now, to be tailored to your work.

+ We offer a holistic service

We have packages available to support all areas of your service – from social prescribing, volunteer management and impact measurement to asset mapping, data migration, and training programmes.

We provide a package that is tailored to your organisation’s needs and services, that will evolve and change as your organisation grows and develops.

+ We co-design services

Co-design is at the heart of our business, and we adopt a collaborative approach with commissioners, our community partners and services users, to design bespoke solutions that work for all.

+ We have a UK network of community delivery partners

Having grown from the voluntary sector ourselves we work with a UK-wide network of community infrastructure organisations who support small grassroots groups up to national charities. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging with the community sector and designing community-led digital platforms – which is why we’re a leading digital provider in the volunteering and social prescribing markets.

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