Our team

Our team has more than 50 years’ combined experience of working within the voluntary sector, with a wealth of experience and expertise to share with you.

Sirinda Bhandal


Sirinda Bhandal is the founder of the Simply Connect having set up the original software business from within a charity in 2008, which is now providing digital platforms UK wide.

Sirinda has worked in the voluntary sector for over twenty years, supporting charities to deliver services and  local authority contracts though effective use of digital.

She has worked with international public sector and technology partners to develop digital platforms to mobilise young volunteers working across Europe.   Co-design is at the heart of what we do, we facilitate partnership and collaboration and actively encourage a co-design approach with stakeholders and local delivery partners.

Sirinda’s involvement in social prescribing started in 2014, when she brought together key leaders from across sectors to co-design the now nationally renowned digital platform, Connect for Wellbeing (known as Connect Well).  Since that time she has actively championed the role voluntary sector and volunteers play in keeping our communities connected and helping people to stay healthier and happier for longer.


Judith Lennox

Operations Director

Judith Lennox has 20 years’ experience of working in technology, working for the past 10 years on the co-ordination of technical support services and operations for the Simply Connect business.  She oversees our core business operations, as well as providing ongoing support to our customers.

She is also from a community development background, working originally for an innovative community media organisation back in the early 2000’s, to a role supporting charities, public and health to get the most from our Simply Connect digital platforms.

Judith is also a PTTLS qualified trainer and designs and delivers our Simply Connect training program.

Sarah Grindrod

Sarah Grindrod

Business Development/Sales & Marketing Director

Sarah plays a key role in our business development and has over 15 years’ experience of working for a number of charitable organisations as well as private sector businesses.

She has worked in a variety of marketing roles, with a particular focus upon digital marketing, business development, customer relations, events management and project management.

Sarah joined our team in 2015 to co-ordinate our marketing and communication activity. She quickly became a key staff member for keeping in touch with our customers, as well as managing new project implementations, and spotting new business and partnership opportunities.

PACE Software Development

PACE have over 25 years’ experience of delivery business software and database developments. They are specialists in the analysis, design and development of new applications, whilst also providing technical advice and support, maintenance and the ongoing development of existing applications.

PACE have worked on a range of software systems for organisations of all sizes from both the private and voluntary sectors.